Environmental experts are often dismayed at how little the average citizen understands about their work. It is easy to find yourself falling into the “if only they knew” trap — “If only they knew they lived in a watershed,” “if only they knew the storm drain went to the creek.” It is our natural tendency to produce commercials, web pages, brochures, and other materials that try to cram a whole of science into a tiny amount of attention. But the test panel reactions to these commercials underscore the shortcomings of these line of thinking. When it comes to raising environmental awareness, it turns out encouragement is even more important than education.


What Can We Do For World Environment Day?

What kind of environment do you want? One that is polluted and distorted, or one that is beautiful and clean.

A beautiful and clean environment is the goal of this website: We provide tips and tricks to help you stop global warming, and to keep the air quality healthy.



First, cherish and protect the surrounding environment we live around. For example, carry out some meaningful and voluntary activity by helping the gate cleaners or sanitation worker in the street. Perhaps you will realize how important it is to keep the earth clean by experiencing the cleaning works personally. And you will surely be aware that love the environment is to love ourselves.

Second, you can try to act as a organizer for making a speech publicly, which aims to share knowledge on environmental protection, and look for a great travel agency, like travel sapa. This kind deed will not only be praised by your community, but also be supported by the whole society. So let us join the event of improving environmental protection awareness and make it global.

Third, do something symbolic. For instance, plant a tree, although it is not Arbor Day. Make a tour to the chemical plant and think out some suggestions for reducing or even eliminating pollution emission.

Fourth, use products that help the environment.

In a word, knock yourself out to live up to the theme of this WED and you will feel proud of what you have done.

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